Microview Test Page

Hi there. This page is set for the people who may have a faulty MicroView, to help identify whether or not they have a broken board. The only requirement is that you have the codebender plugin installed. If so, this page will try to communicate to your board, and get a response.

We also do our best to help people identify if they have selected the correct port. It is important that you have installed all the necessary drivers for MicroView, and that you select the right port. If you are a registered codebender user, our Getting Started Walkthrough will have guided you through that.

Wrong Port

Correct Port


This is what you should see before testing the board. if you keep seeing no blinking LEDs like this while running the test, then you have probably selected the wrong device. Make sure you have installed the necessary drivers, and that you have selected the right port.

Faulty Board

If you see this, it looks like you have a faulty board. Don't worry, help is on the way. The guys from Sparkfun and MicroView are working really hard to make things right, and ship new boards to those affected.

Working Board

If you see this, then you have a working board. Hurray! To make things more clear, the yellow LED blinks whenever we send something to MicroView. If you have selected the right port, you should at the very least see the yellow LED blinking. The red LED blinks when MicroView sends us data. In this case, it's answering our calls!

Connect your MicroView, select the correct port and start the test