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online development & collaboration platform for Arduino users, makers and engineers


Awesome editor, fast cloud-based compiler, helpful error reporting. Code faster and easier


Connect your Arduino via USB, or program your Arduino Ethernet remotely over the network.


Share your work, search for existing projects and clone them, or collaborate with others.


A big thank you to all our supporters for helping codebender become a reality. Special thanks go to:

  • Agile Hardware

    Arrowhead Systems

    Fab Lab Barcelona


  • Agile Hardware

    Agile Hardware is a webshop supporting agile developers and teams.

    In our electronic products we integrate Arduino boards and now we are an official Distributor. As a special favor to codebender we are going to offer the Arduino Ethernet preloaded with Ariadne (codebender's TFTP bootloader).

    We also suggested some agile features for codebender itself and will participate in their implementation.

  • Arrowhead Systems

    TheInternet.Org.UK is the web host that makes your life easy. With top class support, our most frequent response to customer problems is 'don't worry, we'll do it for you'.

    We aim to get UK school students excited about science and IT again by working with local schools on cool space experiments for ArduSat and High Altitude Balloons. Follow their progress and see how they get on.

    Proud to sponsor codebender and help make open source hardware easier to use.

  • Fab Lab Barcelona

    Fab Lab Barcelona is one of the leading laboratories worldwide network of Fab Labs, production workshops and innovation on a small scale equipped with digital fabrication machines and technologies for the production of objects, tools and electronics. Fab Labs explore the relationship between the digital and physical world.

    Fab Lab Barcelona has produced projects like Hyperhabitat IAAC and the Fab Lab House. It is currently developing projects in different scales, from smart devices for data collection by individuals (Smart City) to the new production models for cities (FabCity).

  • Wyolum

    WyoLum is a partnership of Open Source enthusiasts collaborating on cool products.

    We want to take DoItYourself to the next level of efficiency by creating a collaboration platform where guerrilla engineering-and-design teams can emerge for the duration of a project, solve a problem, disband and move on to the next project with the main goal of having fun in learning and developing as many cool and interesting projects as we can.


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