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Do It Together

From DIY to DIT. Share and Collaborate.

Why do it yourself when you can do it together with friends? With codebender, you can:

  • program an existing sketch to your device
  • clone an existing sketch and modify it to your needs
  • share your work with the world
  • embed code in your website, blog, or tutorials

With codebender, you can easily share your code with the world with our embeddable code view. It looks exactly like this:


Works on Windows, Mac, ChromeOS & Linux, Firefox & Chrome

codebender supports Windows (from Windows XP up to Windows 10, yes, even Vista :P), Mac OS X (from 10.6), ChromeOS (the software Chromebooks run on), and Linux (but keep in mind, we mostly test with Ubuntu).

Are you a mobile user? We're sorry, but it's impossible for us to support mobiles. Rest assured, we're working really really hard to do so, but it's not gonna happen anytime soon.