Vasilis Georgitzikis teh lead

I am a student at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras, Greece, a researcher at the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, and an Arduino and iPhone/OSX/Cocoa developer. Basically, just a geek who likes building stuff, which is what started codebender in the first place.

Fotis Papadopoulos teh beard

Call me Mr. Fotellos the Magnificent. Yet another CEID undergrad. I'm responsible for the backend, fixing the bugs that the rest of the team introduces in one of their drunken coding marathons. I also use Windows, but don't tell anyone.

Kostantina Kastanara teh boss

The guys may think they run the show, but in reality, I’m the one bossing them around. When I’m not busy complaining about the plugin, the work environment, the weather, or my bad luck, you will find me developing codebender’s browser plugin.

Chris Perivolaropoulos teh fake

People call me fakedrake. I call myself DrNinjaBatman, because it’s so much more cool. Besides being cool, I enjoy being late at work, and solving interesting problems for codebender, going where no man has gone befaure. Because I’m cool. Like that.

Fay Candiliari teh mother teressa

Because codebender consists mainly of irresponsible guys and girls, someone has to make sure everything is in order. And that’s the job for the office manager! I make sure everything works correctly, the office is ok, and that everyone is paid. And fed! You won’t believe those people..

Christos Nianiakas teh nianiak attack

My name is Nianiakas, and I’m the originator of the famous “nianiak attack”, so consider yourselves warned! Besides being a kung-fu-ninja-karateka master, I’m also responsible for the website’s front-end, so if something looks ugly or doesn’t work well, you know who to yell at.

Past Members Our friends who moved on to work on other great stuff

Pavlos Ratis teh king of servers

I’m in charge of codebender’s infrastructure, and I’m basically the whole DevOps team. Actually, more like Dev…Oops! Just kidding, just kidding. There’s no proof that the fire started from OUR servers! ;)

Mysterion teh phantom menace

I’m the Project Manager at codebender by day, and masked vigilante by night. Not really, I just don’t like to put my personal data online. My job is to keep track of our development schedule, ensure code quality, and generally keep development on track.

Jim Tsipoutas teh chipmunk

I’m the designer. You know, Photoshop and stuff. My job is to add some color to the life of these geeks. When I don’t play with my paintbrush, I work on user flow charts, User Experience, and generally making sure codebender is at least barely usable

Antonis Kapellas teh support

Talk to me, dude. I’m codebender’s customer support department, which means that I get to hear everyone’s issues and pat them in the back while telling them that everything will be alright. Then I forward the issues to our developers. Just kidding, why would I do THAT?

Christos Bacharakis teh fireman

When the going gets tough, I’m your guy. I run the customer support for codebender, also known as “The Bach department”. Lost password? I’m your guy. Need a feature? Me. Faulty Library? Found a bug? Need a hug? Smelly shoes? I’m here for you. When I’m not helping out our users, I enjoy giving Konstantina mini heart attacks.

Maria Kousta teh lady

A CEID graduate. My task is to develop the various parts of the site besides the core 'code and compile' page that make it a truly social-building website.

Alexandros Baltas teh artist

I am a Computer Engineering and Informatics Deparment graduate. And a drummer. When I'm not eating lots of food, I'm drinking lots of coffee and I can be found coding for codebender while distracting the rest of the team with my 'jokes'. Being a terrible designer, I mainly work on the backend.

Dimitris Dimakopoulos teh awesome

Student at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras, Greece, have worked as an intern for Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Eindhoven and for the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute in Patras. Totally excited with Codebender as it combines web development and distributed systems, them being among my favorite fields.

Dimitris Amaxilatis teh code monkey

Master Student at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras, Greece. Researcher at the Research Unit 1 of Computer Technology Institute & Press (Diophantus) in the fields of Distributed Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks.

Markellos Orfanos teh fireman

I am also (not for long I hope) a student at the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department and probably the most important person in the team. My task? Make sure everyone keeps calm and the team is having fun. And yes, I'm the one who developed our wonderful options page. Apart from that, I'm trying to graduate and some time in the future to become a full blown Gentoo developer.

Stelios Tsampas teh crazor

Yet another student at CEID. My task is to make sure to bring crazy ideas to the table and let others assess their value. I'm also responsible for the Arduino Ethernet TFTP bootloader, the only crazy idea that didn't originate from me. I also have a 'wierd' coding style that causes much distress to Vasilis Georgitzikis.

Dimitrios Christidis teh bald guy

Currently a student and an assistant administrator. I am responsible for the compiler backend, ensuring that it's fast and robust. Known as a perfectionist, I often fuss over coding style and documentation.